Staff Bio for Carter Feltham

Carter Feltham
Reptile Researcher and Data Analyst

Carter Feltham officially started as a summer student with MTRI in 2014 fresh out of high school, however she had been volunteering with the Blanding’s Turtle nesting program since 2003. Through those years she has worked on several projects, but always continued with Blanding’s Turtle initiatives. She went to Acadia University for a Bachelor of Science, and ended up with an offer to do a Master's degree focusing on a newly discovered group of Blanding’s Turtles. She continually works on analyzing data for both Blanding’s Turtles and Eastern Ribbonsnakes while leading the reptile field team to monitor known populations. Most recently she has been working on analyzing habitat use of Ribbonsnakes, nesting success of Blanding’s Turtles, and creating maps in GIS.