Tom Neily's Projects

Nova Scotia Lichens at Risk

Lichen monitoring at MTRI began with the Boreal felt lichen in 2008 and working with industry and government partners to reduce threats to host trees from Cape Breton County to Shelburne County. Since then other lichens have been determined to be at risk by COSEWIC. These include: Vole ears lichen, White-rimmed shingle lichen, Blue felt lichen, Scaly fringe lichen, Eastern waterfan lichen, Frosted glass whiskers lichen, Black foam lichen and Wrinkled shingle lichen. These lichens and others not designated at risk by COSEWIC (Poor mans shingle lichen, Powdered moon lichen, Hibernia Jellyskin lichen) are managed on crown land by the Nova Scotia Special Management Practice (SMP) for lichens. MTRI began long term survivor monitoring for Vole Ears in 2015 and survivorship and threats monitoring for all other at risk lichen species starting in 2021. MTRI is also working with small woodlot owners to identify and preserve lichens on private land.

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