Field Station

MTRI operates a field station in Kempt, Queens County which provides office space and basic accommodations for researchers carrying out studies in the area. The field station includes bunks and a full kitchen, two indoor bathrooms and a shower, wireless internet, garden, a specimen freezer, and parking. It is also equipped with five green technologies which — in combination with energy conservation measures — have helped us reduce our power consumption by more than 50%!


 Left to Right: Field station kitchen, office space, downstairs sleeping area (partitions removed), renovated field station.



Facilities Rentals

We are now renting our beautiful Community Room for meetings. It costs $50/day and boasts solar power, geothermal heating and cooling, and an adjoining kitchen supplied with new energy-efficient appliances! 

MTRI also rents shared accomodations in its bunkhouse building behind the field station and currently has a recently added a small private "Bunkie" for rent as well. Rental fees are $7/night, $40/week, available May-October.


 Left to Right: Community room, bunkhouse exterior, bunkhouse bunkbeds, bunkhouse kitchen in summer, bunkie.

Members of the MTRI co-operative may make an application for field accommodations by contacting us. Prices are summarized below.



Shared Accomodations:

Bunkhouse or Main building - $7/night

Bunkhouse -$40/week (May-October)

Main building - $50/week



Office desk - $75/month

Community room - $50/day