MTRI has produced a variety of products during its evolving history here in southwest Nova Scotia, including scientific and educational publications and fundraising products like greeting cards and postcards.

The prices for items that we sell are given below. You can find us at local farmers' markets in the summer or swing by MTRI to take a peek, or contact us for more information.

  • $10 Guides: Healthy Lakes and Wetlands, Species at Risk, ACPF, Invasive Species, FSC Certification
  • $2 Individual Postcards
  • $2 Individual ACPF Greeting Cards
  • $3 Individual Species at Risk Greeting Cards
  • $10 Pack of 4x6 Postcards (8)
  • $15 Pack of 5x7 Holiday Cards (8), 5x7 Species at Risk Greeting Cards (12), 4x6 ACPF Greeting Cards (8)